BIPP Family Portrait award
I was delighted to open my post recently to discover that one of my photographs has been given an award in the BIPP South East Regional Photography Awards 2017. 
The award wining image is one of my favourites from last year, taken in the enchanting grounds of my client’s home on the Wentworth Estate. This little girl was captivating to photograph and I enjoyed my time with her and her sister immensely. 

Family Portrait Photography 

The really rewarding part was when I delivered the framed prints and albums, I was told that although they had been photographed many times before, in different countries, by different photographers, no one else had managed to truly capture the essence of the girls and what they are about. That really made my day! 
Talking about children….I was recently commissioned for family photography where there were six kids, ranging in age from six to sixteen….I loved every minute of it (despite the freezing January weather!) and I realised that what I enjoy about my work is seeing and capturing the uniqueness of each individual, and bringing it all together to create something truly special for the family. 
So if you have a family full of individuals, and would like to find out more, do get in touch! 
Jo Scott x 
BIPP photography award
family portrait photography
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