How to Operate in a Socially Distanced Environment as a Photographer 
I took the decision in the weeks before the official Lockdown to postpone both my family and business photography shoots that were scheduled for the next period of time. It seemed like a sensible decision at the time as the risks were escalating and the spread of the virus unknown at that point. 
We are now well into the current pandemic crisis with the prospect of social distancing being part of our daily lives for the foreseeable future. With that in mind I have given lots of thought to how I would operate my photography business as we begin to emerge from our cocoons and work towards establishing some form of new normality. 
I have been shielding a family member during this time and I’m sure that many of my clients have found themselves in a similar position, with the thought that once some lockdown measures are lifted they will still have to be very careful going forwards. So I am acutely aware of keeping our communities safe and want to devise policies that support that aim. 
The principles will be the same for both Family and Business Photography shoots. 

Pre Shoot Planning and Communication 

I am now allowing more time prior to shoots for communication. I have always done an in depth conversation/consultation prior to any photography session, but from now on I will offer additional meetings via Zoom or a similar platform. During this meeting we will establish the brief and location. We need to ensure we are very clear on both of these elements. 
We will also agree what clothes each person will wear and what changes of clothes to bring. We would have had a pre meeting discussion on this so that when we ‘meet’ on Zoom you can show me the options and I’ll advise on what I believe will work best. 
On the day itself we will establish a procedure for meeting – including access arrangements to the chosen location, to ensure there is no mix up on who’s arriving when or risk of clashing in terms of entering buildings or grounds etc if access is limited. 

Working During a Photography Session 

I will request the clients bring sanitizer and their own tissues etc, as well as bags to carry this type of kit in. I myself will have plenty of this but having our own personal supply is preferential. 
There will be no physical contact and we will ensure the location allows for a distance of at least 2m at all times. This can be challenging if there are multiple members of a family or business and we are doing a variety of combination group shots and individual photographs. However, with careful planning and everyone knowing what they are doing and when they are doing it, this can be accomplished. 
The additional piece of kit I will bring is a mirror, as in the past I have often adjusted clothing or hair, but at this moment, the person will have to do that with direction from me…from a distance! 
I am confident that with careful planning, communication and common sense we will be able to have a safe photo shoot and continue to create striking images! 
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