Many businesses ask me the question, what type of photos do I need? My photography services are varied and range from headshots, through personal branding shoots to full days of corporate photography. 
During our initial conversation I will ask questions about the business, their target audience, their methods of communication with their clients and their brand values. It may be that the requirement is simply for a handful of great headshots with a few different 'looks' to be used across the social media platforms for profile photos. However, with a bit of delving most businesses require more than that for their marketing, and so we talk about how we can create an image bank that will really represent that business and connect with their potential clients. 

What's in your headshot package? 

For all my shoots, we start with a conversation to ascertain what exactly is required. When it's clear that headshots are the order of the day, we discuss clothes, so that the client has a few changes to get different 'looks'. This may range from a more formal jacket to a more casual shirt/jumper...the idea is that each 'set' of images will be distinct and can be used in different situations. 
Where do we do headshots? I currently undertake my headshots locally to me in my preferred locations (Ascot or Windsor), and the photo shoot itself takes between 30-45 mins. We take stock of the images as we go along, so that we are both happy with the outcome, and can adjust hair/clothes as necessary.  
I direct you on how to sit / stand / hold yourself so that we get the most flattering and natural images. I find this helps put people at ease, as everyone hates having their photo taken and doesn't know what to do with themselves, so a little direction and focus assists with settling the nerves. 
After the headshot session in Ascot or Windsor, I will edit the images and create a password protected gallery for you to take a look at them. Sometimes my clients like to do a Zoom call at that stage to ask my advice on which images to choose, which I'm very happy to do.  
My headshot package includes the ability to choose three images which I will send digitally, edited and ready for on line use. I do minor touching up if required, as I am not an advocate of heavy post production editing, prefering to get it right in camera. 

How do we do the website and branding photos? 

Often businesses know that they need photographs to promote themselves but they have no idea what shape or form that will take or, understandably, how to go about doing it.  
My skill is in visualising how to translate a business's way of working, their ethos and who they are, into photographs. This is often termed branding photography, when there is some messaging to be done around the business. Equally, photos for websites require thought and construction to get the right tone and connection with the right clients. 
So it always starts with an in depth conversation about the business, who works in it, how they work and who their target market is. I ask lots of questions about what the business does for their clients and that helps me to visualise how I am going to protray that in images. It also triggers ideas on locations, props, models etc which I share with the client to ensure I'm going in the right direction! 
Sometimes we need to hire a venue, or at least ask for permission to take photos in a location, and we always talk about clothes and who to include in the shoot. The thing that often excites my clients most is what props to bring! This can be things that they use everyday, that represent their business in some way or even things that portray other sides of their personality or we can create images that they can use to message about. 
Of course the photography session itself may take any time from a couple of hours to a couple of days, and my service includes the post shoot editing, presentation of the images and a post shoot consultation. 
There is no one size fits all with business photography, and my ethos is to ensure every business and business owner that I work with comes away with a set of images that are appropriate for them, will work really well to promote their business and connect them to the clients that they want to work with. 
I am always happy to have an initial chat to find out if I am the right photographer to work with. Do get in touch to find out more. 
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