I love my walks with the dog, and most days I go to Cow Pond in Windsor Great Park, either in the morning or in the afternoon.  
The sky there can be huge, or bearing down…I love the different moods that come with different lights there: the way the sun dances on the water and the perfect reflections of the statuesque trees that surround the Pond. 
Because photographs are my way of expressing myself, I have found that I take pictures almost every time I am there, and they reflect my response to the changing atmosphere of the Pond. Sometimes I just want to hunker down in my big coat and stride on, and sometimes I want to lift my head and breathe deeply, absorbing everything around me. 
My favourite time of year there is winter. It can be very stark, very beautiful and very moody….sometimes all at once! Sun set and sunrise peep over the skeletal trees and cast beautiful light onto the water. And the reflections are amazing, Whether it is dead still creating perfect replicas of what’s above ground, or there is a ripple to the water producing abstract shapes…. 
So, I have brought together this collection of images, taken over a few years. I was looking back over my photos and realised that without knowing it, I had been doing my own mini project on Cow Pond. I think I might call it Moody Cow! 
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