Personal branding photography for a personal trainer
Most people are apprehensive about commissioning photography for their website and social media, because they don't know if their vision will be interpreted by the photographer in a way that they will resonate with. So it's lovely when I get fantastic feedback, and I just had to share it! 

Personal Branding Photography 

Having headshots taken is nerve racking enough, but to have a full branding and website shoot can really make people nervous. We have to think carefully about clothes and location, who will be involved in the shoot, what we are trying to convey...and so on! For this groovy business owner, fitness trainer Jill Huskisson, it was important for me to find the best place for the branding element, which involved gaining consent from the cafe/restaurant I had selected, and then being confident to take her outside to make use of the best light and backdrops around Eton and Windsor. I made sure to direct her not only on clothes, but on how she sat/stood, asking her to move slightly this way or that, to get the best shot.  
And then we headed out to Bray to photograph her clients in a 'walks and squats' class, which was super fun! I loved watching them enjoy the session, and was keen to get a balance between directing them for the best photos and allowing them to get on with the rigor of the class. 
Jill really wanted to show different sides to her personality and to her work. She is proud of being a strong independent woman and wanted messages of fun, fitness and strength to come across.  
Brand photography shoot
professional headshots
professional photography
Getting that balance right includes how much time you spend on each element of the shoot and I'm always conscious to ensure my clients aren't getting too cold or too bored! So it's great to get feedback like this before I've even sent the photos: 
"Hi Jo, just to say I really enjoyed the photoshoot yesterday. Without wanting to be too hippe, hahaha, I really liked your vibe! I felt in safe hands and the feedback from my ladies is awesome too! They had a ball. Can't wait to see the pics! EEEEK!" 
Personal trainer
branding photoshoot
personal branding photoshoot
The next message I received was: 
"Jo! They are beyond what I could have hoped for! Honestly they are STUNNING! Thank you so much for understanding the vision and capturing these beautiful photos. I can't thank you enough" 
I think it's fair to say she liked them! And more importantly, you can see that we achieved real variety, which Jill will be able to use for a good while to come on both her website and her social media. 
For those of you wondering what value professional photography can add to your business, take a look at my previous blog posts, or get in touch for a chat. 
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