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Team photos can appear stilted or boring, so how can a professional photographer add interest? 
Businesses who have more than one person involved often want to have individual headshots but also team photos. Naturally, it can be difficult for the business owner to have a vision of how to create engaging photos of a group. I am often asked to create these photos for them, and I always look for an interesting way to assemble the staff to reflect their personalities, the business and to create visual interest for their commercial photography.  

Different ways to photograph a team 

Photos that show personalities and team presence 

location for professional photo shoot
This team are in the construction business - large scale modern building cladding to be precise. They are a small team for such a large business, and they operate out of a lovely, sensitively converted set of barns.  
I wanted to portray the power of the small team but at the same time by setting them in their environment, show the intimacy of the business which is reflected in their customer service. 
Rather than having them all sitting down or in a tight bunch smiling at the camera, I chose the courtyard location. With the two owners at the front and their colleagues slightly apart, it added visual interest to the photo. 

Website photography that reflects the work and environment 

professional photography
When working with a small creative team, it is important to reflect their style and working practice. Finding the right locaton is something I always talk about, and I believe this image shows the impact of location on photography. 
So a team photo can be of a team at work...These guys are super friendly and stylish so it was appropriate to find a clear, clean and contemporary environment to photograph them. 
Even having them standing at the slick desk shows a working ethos, and gathered round one laptop collaborating on a project illustrates their close working relationship. 

Add a bit of humour in team photos for social media 

props for professional photo shoot
I always say a little humour goes a long way, and for this website designer it was very true. 
Having just expanded her team to two, I was asked to do a branding photo shoot. We had discussed locations and ended up in central Woking at a fab little community cafe for some of the shots. After that location, they mentioned this mural and asked if we could do something there.  
I thought it would be fun not only to have the additional Edwardian people in the team, but to have them interact/mimic the mural added an element of humour. They are always smiling so I thought it was fun! 
There are many ways to create engaging team photos, and I will collaborate with my clients to work out what is best for them. This means considering clothes, location and composition. As the professional photographer I take the strain out of the thinking that goes into this type of corporate photography, by being creative and collaborative. No two businesses are the same, so why whould their photos be? 
Follow the link to find out more about how a photographer can add value to your photoshoot or get in touch to discuss how we could photograph your team. 
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