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I was asked recently to explain how I would make people feel comfortable in front of the camera, and to get the best expression during a photo shoot. What a difficult question to answer...I had to be honest and say that there is no magic formula or trade secret!  

Communication during a shoot 

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No matter if I am photographing in Windsor or London or elsewhere, I believe that putting my clients at ease during their photo shoot is an essential part of my job.  
It is all about talking to people. It's pretty basic and is not something you are taught. Sure, you can develop your skills and that comes with experience, but fundamentally it is something that comes with the territory of a good portrait photographer. 
I couldn't successfully achieve the photos that my clients love if I couldn't connect with them through communication. 

Skills a photographer need  

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Synonyms for communicating include: 'connect, relate, get through, acquaint' and the word I found that I love is 'confabulate' which the Collins Dictionary says is 'to shoot the breeze'. I like the sound of that and think it probably describes my method! 
I've never thought much about it, I just know that whilst I have a plan or a vision of what I'm going to create, established through a meticulous process of discussion and planning with the client, the 'how' is instinctive and different for every business and for every individual within a business. There is no 'one size fits all', and it is my skill, not as a photographer but as a communicator, that gets the results. 

Feedback after a shoot 

Headshots Surrey
"Not only was she an expert in what she produced, she made us incredibly relaxed in front of the has shown in the photographs she has delivered." Elizabeth Hunt and Associates, Headshots in Cobham, Surrey 
One of the things I do is ask my clients to leave me a review or recommendation after we have worked together. It is these that have made me understand that my way of communicating puts people at ease and that is the biggest gift. It probably helps that I like meeting people, I'm interested in them and what they do, and I love creating beautiful photos! 

What stops people having their photo taken? 

"UP3 hired Jo to take headshots initially for the management team and then the whole company. A number of us were really worried about it...but Jo was able to put everyone at ease really quickly...some months later I'm still caught off guard by how fabulous the photos are and how gorgeous she managed to make us all look." Co-founder at UP3, Personal Branding Photo Shoot London 
Everyone hates having their photo taken, and in fact it seems to be the biggest factor in stopping people commissioning photography. But every person in business has a need for a photo, whether it be for their building pass, their LinkedIn profile, their website or to promote a talk or article. So it's important they feel comfortable and are able to look their best. 
I think that's why almost every review mentions how I made them feel. Take a look at my LinkedIn recommendations or my Google my Business reviews to read more. 

Prep to do before headshots or business photography 

To reduce anxiety in advance of a headshot shoot or other business photography, I send my clients a 'prep' document. This varies depending on whether it is simply headshots or whether the shoot encompasses a wider remit. Things to think about are clothes, location and the purpose of the photographs.  
My clients are grateful for this type of document as it enables them to be and to feel prepared, which in turn gives confidence. There is a check list and space for them to write notes or ideas, as well as tips on how to feel their best. 

 Feeling at ease during your photo shoot 

My key message here is that it's up to me to give you the tools to feel prepared, and to ensure you are engaged and relaxed on the day. After that we simply let the magic of photography work its wonders!  
For business photography in Windsor, London and the surrounding counties of Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Bucks, look at my case studies section on the website. And please do give me a call on 07793 205155 to have a chat or contact me 
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