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Team photos should be carefully considered and constructed to be impactful, not an after thought 

How to create great team photos 

Why would you want team photos? 

working team photo
The question of creating photos of teams keeps coming up when I'm working with businesses, mainly corporates in London, Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire, to create their photography.  
I am often asked if I'll 'take a few photos of the team whilst you're here'. so, I thought it might be interesting to chat about my perspective on it, as they are not a 'quick fix'. 
It's really important to think through what these photos might be used for, so they are created with intent. Clients may think they want to have all the iterations on a website (combinations of teams) but often the reality is that it is more for PR, pitch decks or Social Media. 

Team photo vs headshots 

small team photography
So when I break it down with my clients we ascertain the why, but then there is the who. There may be a large team but often there are also smaller teams who work closely together but in different ways. 
It may be that I discourage the use of them on a website, which is often static and not updated regularly. What if someone leaves or more people join? Will they get a new photo taken and upload it every time there is a change? Although I would obviously be happy to create these images for my clients, I have to ask about the practicalities, time and budget implications. 
So I do encourage headshots to go on website 'about us' pages (which can more easily be removed/replaced) with team shots to be used in blogs/PR/social media. 

What makes a team photo work visually 

creative photography for business
There are a number of factors to consider. We've covered the what and who, so now we need to consider where to create the shot. 
The backdrop to a team photo is no less important than any other business photograph. Sometimes we have to work with the environment we are in (a conference hotel for example). However, more often than not there is a decision to be made.  
I was once asked to do some headshots and team photos and the suggestion was that I come to the office to do that. After discussing it in more detail the client decided to pay for the use of the grounds of a beautiful iconic hotel. It was on brand and delivered stunning photos that the business's target market would relate to much more than an office, or car park! 

How to compose a team photo 

photos that tell a story
After location or backdrop, the question is how to compose the photo. There seems to be a collective idea that everyone bunched together smiling at the camera is what you have to do. However, in my view, that doesn't tell the viewer anything about the people or the business. 
There are many ways to arrange people in a photo. Things to consider are usually to do with their brand and how they want to come across. I ask myself whether it is appropriate to use props (sofa/chairs/desks/the building) and whether they are looking to camera or interacting, serious or smiling or even laughing. 
The physical proximity of the team can say a lot, as can how they are arranged. Small teams are easier to compose but need similar consideration in terms of backdrop and composition. 

How much time do team photos take 

large team photo
My belief is that different businesses need different approaches to their team photos - and not all businesses need team photos! 
The main message I want to get across is that a photograph of a team, no matter what size, needs to be considered properly rather than a last minute add on. 
A lot of the thought process can take place in advance of the shoot, so that the time actually composing and executing the photo is kept to a minimum (everyone is busy and no one wants to have their photo taken!) 

How to organise a team photo session 

You can see the variety in this blog, and each tells you something different. A line looking directly at camera can be very powerful - varying heights (chairs or sofa) and interacting can create a more relaxed feeling. 
If you are wondering where or how you can have team photography done for your business, think about all these elements and then give me a call if you'd like to create photographs that represent your teams, to be used effectively in your marketing.  
As a commercial photographer based in Windsor, I work throughout London and the Home Counties. Many of my clients are based in towns such as Bracknell, Maidenhead, Guildford and Woking, and they all have teams that need photos for their PR, websites and social media
If you would like to find out more about how I work with my commercial photography clients, take a look at my case studies or give me a call on 07793 205155 or contact me 
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