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How do you choose a photographer to do your website or personal branding photography? 

One of the main things I talk with prospective corporate photography clients about is my style of photography and how I work to achieve that style. Many have never considered where and how a photo is taken, so it's good to explain that they can choose a natural light photographer or a studio photographer and that the experience and the results are very different.  

Natural light produces 'real' feeling photographs 

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It may sound obvious, but natural light is real light and has an authentic feel as it by definition is not artificial. 
There is also the context of a real location rather than a studio backdrop, which can say so much more about a business. 
By choosing a location to do branding or website photography, you are making a conscious decision and as a corporate photographer I begin to develop a vision of what images I will create for that business. 

Simple set up, no hassle photography 

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When you are doing a photo shoot on location, using natural light means I have a simple set up. Just a camera or two, lenses, a reflector and my eyes. 
There is no time consuming or complicated lighting equipment to be set up so I can concentrate on putting my clients at their ease and working out the best place to photograph them to acheive my vision for the images. 
This means we can be really discreet, which has the benefit of not drawing attention to ourselves which in turn means that clients who are feeling self conscious (usually all of them!) feel a little more comfortable. 

Creating atmosphere in your corporate images 

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In non photographic speak, you are able to create 'atmosphere' with natural light, where some of the photo is thrown out of focus to hone in on the subject. 
This can work really well for portraits and also for photos where you are messaging about something specific, as it adds impact. 
You can harness natural light for profile pictures to be subtle, gentle and flattering, or alternatively by moving a person slightly you can create dramatic or harsh lighting, depending on what you want to portray. Again, this can be easily achieved with little fuss. 

Is this the easy option? 

Learning how to 'see' natural light takes lots of expertise and actually I don't believe can be taught. 
Many photographers struggle to understand how to harness natural light to create images that they want and it is much easier to learn a few light set ups in a studio.  
Outside a studio, light is constantly changing so that is a challenge as you have to be constantly responding, making decisions and altering camera settings. I might suddenly see how the light is behaving and be inspired to create a specific image particular to that business and their brand. It keeps my creativity alive. 
That is actually why I love using natural light photography and going on location as it keeps me on my toes. No two shoots are the same, even in the same location. 

Choosing a location for corporate photos 

Location and light are linked as some structures reflect the light and some absorb it, so you learn what the effect of different buildings, landscapes, cityscapes have on an image and what feel you can create in the different scenarios. 
Currently I do a lot of my headshot photography in Ascot at the co working space in Hub XV, which works wonders. There are several fabulous little spots with wonderful light and great backdrops where I can create impactful profile pictures for my clients LinkedIn pictures and other social media profiles. 
Choosing a locaton for branding and website photography requires much more thought. I get to understand the business and their brand and their target market before deciding up on a location, as this has to fit and relate to all these things. 
Once we know the location, I simply use my eyes to harness the natural light at the venue to create the images I have in my head for that particular business! 
My family photography is similarly creative, as I always go on location and look for spots with the best light and interesting backdrop to capture those important memories for my client. 

 Finding out more about whether a natural light, on location shoot is best for you 

I will always consider whether it would be better for prospective clients to go to a studio photographer (and I can recommend a few) rather than use me. This may be because of budget considerations or simply because that style of photography suits what they are trying to acheive. However, if they choose on location, natural light photography, as a professional photographer in Windsor, the Home Counties and London, I am lucky that there are so many inspiring locations that feed my creative juices! 
If you would like to find out more about how I work, do give me a call on 07793 205155 or contact me 
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