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In my last blog I talked about the need for professional headshots within a business. This second post in the series is about why businesses commission professional photography for their social media campaigns. 
Social media is all about the visuals. Photos on Instagram often don’t have comments with them but might have a caption within the photograph. Posts on LinkedIn and Facebook with images fare much better in terms of likes and interaction than those with just words. 

Social media photos get a reaction 

personal branding shoot for marketing consultants
There are statistics that show that write-ups with relevant images get 94% more views that the ones without, and posts that include images receive a 650% greater engagement rate than those that don’t! 
That is powerful stuff and the reason for this, I believe, is that visuals are more capable of evoking emotions than text, and it is emotions that influence people’s purchasing decisions.  
So if an image stirs any reaction in a viewer or they can relate to it or it interests them, they are more likely to pick up the phone or buy. 
I have had feedback from clients confirming this...within days of using bespoke photography some of my clients have reported a surge in numbers of phone calls as opposed to emails, and most of them find it easier to convert phone calls into business. 

How to tell a story with photos 

business photography
They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and actually there is a lot of truth in that, which is good news for businesses launching social media campaigns. The whole idea is that the images speak for you and tell the story of your business as you want it to be portrayed, getting to your target audience quicker and more effectively. 
Often a series of images linked together, either collaged in one post like here for this garden designer, or in a series of posts programmed to go out at specific times in relatively quick succession, tells the story and causes a good reaction. 
The point is that if you commission bespoke photography for a social media campaign, you can create a series of photos that tell your story with impact that will connect with your ideal client. 

Visualising photos for social media 

using professional images for social media
My clients often come to me saying they need images for social media but they aren’t too sure what that looks like. I start by asking questions about their business, how they work with their clients, what their USP is, what their brand values are and lots more! This is the start of my creative process and enables me to start visualizing how I would tell their story. 
It may be that we need to find a specific location or multiple locations. Where to take the photos is very important as it sets the scene and as a back drop gives a ‘feel’ to any photographs. We also decide whether to source models (which may simply be people we know willing to be ‘bodies’ but also may be professional models).  
And finally, we discuss whether to use props. By props, I simply mean objects. It may be that these are already used by the business, for example tools by the trades, or it may be a more creative solution for professionals, using props as metaphors or to tell a story.  

Why should you commission a professional photographer? 

commissioning a professional photographer
I believe that going through this creative process and producing images that are unique to your business can underpin your brand and speak volumes about your business. You can spot stock photos a mile away and because they are generic they might not be portraying your business as you want it to be shown. Bespoke photography really can enhance a brand. 
If you would like to find out how I can help your business and how I would approach creating bespoke photography for your social media campaigns then do get in touch with me.  
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