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How using a professional photographer can enhance your brand and get you more clients 

Five reasons for businesses to commission professional photography  

1. Professional headshots 

professional photo for coaches
Most potential clients will look you up on social media or on your website before contacting or meeting you, and therefore your profile picture will be the first impression they get of you.  
That is why it is so important to get this right, to have it saying what you want to say about you. A professional photographer is able to advise on clothing and location, as well as coaching you through the photo session to get the best set of head shots for you to represent you in your business.  
A variety of profile pictures enables you to have different looks that suits the media you are on. For example, a professional profile picture on LinkedIn can set the right professional tone. If you are connecting with consumers on facebook you might need a more relaxed image, or something really eyecatching for your Instagram account. 
Having a picture of yourself on Google My Business is more likely to result in a potential client picking up the phone. 

2. Social media images 

social media photography
Commissioning a professional photographer to create a bank of images that you can use in a social media campaign is invaluable to most businesses.  
Whether you use them for LinkedIn to connect with other professionals or sectors you are targeting, or for facebook and Instagram, a picture speaks a thousand words and therefore you can connect quicker with your target audience. 

3. Photos for the website 

creative photography for business
The majority of businesses have a website, with a view that this is their 'shop window'. And the aim is to keep potential clients on the website for long enough to get them interested in either buying or connecting with the business through telephone or email....get them wanting to find out more. 
Website photography for corporates is vital to get right and to have a visual impact. That is why working with a creative photographer who can produce interesting photos that catch the eye of the viewers is a must for any business. 
Visual content for websites in the form of images that engage potential clients will keep them on the website and clicking through the pages. 

4. Business Photography 

photos that tell a story
Having bespoke professional photography enables a business to tell their story visually, and dispenses with bland stock photos that do't say anything about the business itself. 
Creating images for businesses that sell products can produce some exciting photos that really sell a lifestyle or an angle on a product to potential users. A good professional photographer will ensure the right location, models and props to be able to visually tell the story of that business in a way that entices customers to buy. 
Professional services such as lawyers or accountants often find it more difficult to visualise what can be done to tell their story visually. However, each of these types of businesses has a USP and a character, and with a bit of consultation a professional photographer can understand this and create images that will speak to their target audience. 

5. Quality wins every time - professional photos 

quality business photography
The quality of any images a business puts out into the public domain speaks volumes about them. You want your photos to be of commensurate quality to your brand and that is why getting a professional photographer involved during any branding or marketing discussions is vital. 
Commissioning a professional photographer not only gets the quality of image that is required for successful marketing material but it gets the experience of a creative that can add so much more to the images. 
This is the time when a smart phone photo just won't do! Read more about business photography: 

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