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Show clients what to expect through on location corporate photography 

An important element to talk to your professional photographer about when considering corporate photography is your premises 

1. Do you work from a stunning location? 

location for corporate photography
Branding is so much more than a logo, it includes where and how you work. When talking to clients about their branding photography I will ask about their location, because sometimes it is important to include elements of it in a photoshoot. 
If you work in a beautiful location, why not capitalise on this by showing potential clients. After all it is part of your businesses brand. 

2. Do you want to show clients your building? 

Commercial branding photography
When a business has clients come to their premises it is important for everyone to be clear where they are going. It eases the experience by taking one stressful element out of the equation! 
If your business works out of a quirky location or a beautiful building, why not include it in your website photography. These are elements of any corporate photoshoot that I consider at the planning stage. 

3. Do you need to signpost where to go? 

fine art photographer
A bit like knowing what the building looks like, signs can form part of an important element of any business website photoshoot. 
I am amazed at how often I visit a client and can't find their premises. Simply by having some photographs on the website showing the way, they can take that worry away. If it helps me, I'm sure it will help potential clients. 

4. Is your envirnonment calming? 

Once we find the location and get inside, the atmostphere is important, especially if the business is associated with healthcare or finances. 
I don't know about you but I like a welcoming feel that puts me at my ease...whether I'm visiting the dentist or my accountant! 
I'm often asked to create images for websites and social media campaigns and it is these types of photos that can work really well. Photos that tell a little story of the business, of the experience you will have when you visit, and ones that give you a sense of the feel of the place, can reassure potential clients. 
These might be detail shots, or images of the reception area, or of the practicioner in action. When I do the pre shoot planning with my clients these details are one of the elements I visualise and plan. 

5. Do you need to show clients your space? 

If you work from a studio or have lots of people coming to your place of work, it can be important for them to see the space before they commit. 
This is especially impotant if you run classes or have multiple people arriving at one time. So it is relevant for yoga/pilates/fitness sectors as well as hotels and sports clubs. 
I am often asked to photograph instructors in action with their clients, showing that they do group classes as well as one to ones. 
It can apply to people who operate in the great outdoors as well, as photographs on a website or social media platform showing outdoor classes can be really inspiring and what some people want. 

 I don't have an office or premises so what do we photograph? 

I am often asked to do personal branding photography for businesses who operate from home and meet clients outside that environment. In those cases, we will discuss the types of locations where they meet clients (coffee houses, hotels, etc) and we find a suitable place to take the photos. This might be where they go regularly (I have a number of clients who have membership of private members clubs so we use that as a backdrop, or who always use the same hotel or cafe for meetings). It works really well as we make sure it is on brand and gives a sense of how they work. 
As I write this blog, all venues are closed due to Covid-19 so this makes corporate photography in Windsor venues and around the country bit more tricky, but I am still planning with clients who want website photography or photos for a social media campaign for when we are able to do it. My commercial photography clients are still active and planning the future which is great. If you want to find out more, look at the downloadable pdf of What to Expect from Business Photography on my Commercial page. Or give me a call on 07793 205155 or contact me 
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