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Commercial Photography Explained 

My clients often find it difficult to articulate what they need from their photography, other than knowing that they need some fresh images for their websites or social media. Take a look at my 'What to expect' guide below, which outlines how I work and what can be acheived.  
I have enjoyed working with a wide range of industries that include professional services, such as accountants, lawyers & Independent Financial Advisers. Health & wellbeing clients includes dentists, doctors, beauty salons, hairdressers and personal trainers. I also enjoy working with designers in fashion, interior design and kitchen design. Recent clients have included marketing consultants, project managers, charities, electricians, plumbers & website creators. 
To find out more about how I work and what to expect, download my Business Photography guide  

    Headshots for profile pictures 

Everyone needs a good headshot, whether it is for your website, LinkedIn profile or a business pitch. It is definitely true that you never get a second chance to give a great first impression.  
Whether you are based in London or in the Home Counties, I can accommodate you at one of my regular locations, and a session will take around 45 minutes. You bring a couple of changes of tops to give different 'feels' so that you can use the images in different places or at different times. I show you a variety to choose from and am happy to guide you in your selection.  
Headshot photography prices start at £250 which would include a choice of three digital files, edited and ready to use 

    Professional Services 

In recent years the professional services sector has had to develop it's marketing approach as the very formal look has morphed into a more friendly and approachable vibe. This has meant looking at their visual content, expecially headshots, to see whether what they are putting out there matches their brand. 
I am seeing whole firms having their staff re-photographed, not in the traditional studio set up with shirt and tie but in a softer environment with smart business attire. This applies to lawyers, accountants, coaches and IFAs. 
This has developed for me into being asked by some of my clients to go on a retainer and photograph new staff as and when they get on board so that there is a consistency of style of photographs on a business's website and on their employees LinkedIn profiles. 
For smaller businesses, where the main people are key to the success of the business I often do a branding shoot where we can get more under the skin of how they operate and show this visually. That may mean securing a location for the shoot which is appropriate for where they might meet clients, or to take photos around the offices. It will also usually involve getting images that show personalities shining through. 
A day to photograph and produce great headshots of a team will cost £1,250 

   Creative Industries 

The creative industries covers a multitude of businesses and I count as clients a huge variety, from fashion designers through copywriters, through graphic and website designers to those in the marketing industry. 
I usually find that the creative industries give a bit more direction on what they are looking for but I still do ensure we have a full pre shoot consultation to tease out all the ideas and options for a shoot. Most often, these are half or full day website and social media branding photography sessions. This enables us to really delve deep in terms of messaging and create images that appeal to their target market. 
So I will ask lots of questions, usually around marketing and brand in order to assimilate information to help me to start visualising how to tell their story. Once again, my fine art photography comes into play as part of the creative process to develop ideas and photos that make the business stand out. 
Of course this photography will include headshots but also a range of messaging photos that can be used for blogging and on social media. The 'about me' photos are often a bit different and quirky too! 
A morning of photography to create branding images would start at £675 

  The Property Industry and the Trades 

Over the years I have worked with businesses in the property sector and I think of them as two elements that require slightly different approaches. 
For the architects, developers and interior designers they may want before and after shots of projects. Sometimes I will do a bulk time to get up to speed with a number of projects for a portfolio of photographs for a website, and then do ad hoc photography of future projects to keep the images fresh and up to date. The key is to ensure whatever I am photographing is what they are most proud of to showcase, and they want more of that type of work. 
When I photograph the trades, such as plumbers, electricians or kitchen fitters, I am looking at showing how they work and they types of work they are doing. However, I am always looking to produce creative images that are visually interesting and will draw potential clients to look further at that particular business. 
In all these cases it is also about the trustworthiness of the people, both the proprietors and the guys on site. So I will always look to ensure we have great profile pictures and appropriate 'about me' pictures that potential clients will relate to and most importantly, can see. For this industry, being visible in the business is essential in my opinion. 
I can work on an hourly rate (£150 per hour) plus an editing rate (£75 per hour) or I'm happy to quote for a half day or day depending on what is required. 

  Health and Wellbeing  

This growing sector can include photography for pilates and yoga teachers, physical trainers, beauty and hair salons. However, I am increasingly asked to photograph osteopaths, dentists practices and private doctors. 
As ever, it is important to understand the target market for these clients and to get a feel for the location that they operate from. Showing the environment that a client will come into is really important in this industry as it will give them confidence in the practice, in the first instance, and also make them feel comfortable when they arrive due to familiarity. Therefore it is important to get the on location photographs just right.  
Once again, people are the key to these businesses and so showing the client facing staff and the face of the business is key to engaging the audience. 
Having a bank of images for social media is also an aim of many of the businesses in this sector, so understanding the services or classes on offer and photographing these is what I am to do. This may mean asking existing cleints if they are happy to be photographed during a session, or getting 'models' to stand in as clients for the purposes of photography.. 
A website or social media shoot for this type of business can often be done in a few hours (starting at £675) or may require a full day (starting at £1,250)  

  Lifestyle Products and Locations 

For products it is really important to understand what type of photography is required. For example, many e commerce businesses require cut outs, so the photography that they need is studio based. However, most products these days are selling a lifestyle or a desire to it's potential purchasers so commissioning photography where people engage and connect with the product is what creates the desire and ultimately the sale. 
Understanding the target market for products really helps me to style the shoots accordingly. It may be that I create a set of some sort to place the products in, or find a location that will work as a backdrop, always using natural light to show them off the their best. 
Sometimes I decide that other props are required, or even people to give a sense of how to use the products, or the type of person that would use the product. If we are talking about a location such as a restaurant or a hotel, the type of customer they want to attract is who I want to show in the photos. All this takes creative time and effort, so the skill set is very different to people photography. Interestingly, I find it enjoyable as a contrasting change! 
I quote each job on the brief we develop, and my prices include all the pre consultation and planning as well as post production editing.  
To find out more about how I work and what to expect, download my Business Photography guide  

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