All businesses need professional headshots 

and I have worked with a number to create their professional headshots in Bracknell. Usually I will go to their Bracknell offices, having provided a guide on how to prepare for their headshot photography day.  
Preparing yourself and your staff for the their professional headshots is key to imbue confidence in attending the shoot and in turn to getting great results. I advise on what clothes to wear, which will depend on the ethos and brand of the business, as well as suggesting flattering shapes and colours. 

Where to do Headshot Photography in Bracknell? 

For businesses with a number of staff in Bracknell, I can go to the office. A simple headshot session is definitely appropriate for some business people or for larger organisations where they want quality, consistent images for their staff.  
As a location headshot photographer, on the day of the shoot I will scout the area for the best place to take the headshots. This might be in the atrium of the office building, or in the boardroom, but often the best light and backdrop for headshots can be found nearby. 
During our exploratory conversation, we can discuss this and you may have specific ideas. Whilst one solution may be your premises, equally we may decide a different location would be a better backdrop for your photos. In this instance we would look for a suitable place in advance of our photography session. The logistics for an off site location are more complex, but sometimes this is the best solution for the brand of the business. 

How to pose for professional headshots. 

Everybody hates having their photo taken (unless it is a fun selfie on holiday with friends). I understand how daunting it can be for people to be in front of a camera. In all my professional headshot sessions I work with the person to make them feel as comfortable as I can (I find humour helps). Feedback from clients has been that because I direct them on how to stand or sit, and where to turn their head to get the most flattering headshot, they feel less self conscious and more confident. 
I can show the first few frames so they know the photos are looking good, which again helps to build confidence. Most often, my subjects say the professional headshot shoot was not as painful as they thought it would be and they are delighted with the results. 
With premises in Bracknell, businesses often commission a photographer to create a set of images that can be framed or printed in weird and wonderful ways to adorn their reception areas, corridors and board rooms. We can work up a brief that reinforces their brand, or I can be given a free reign to have a creative interpretation...whichever, this is a really fun process! 
My consultative approach to corporate photography ensures we get great professional headshots for your Bracknell business. 

Lovely things said about me 

"Jo is an amazing Corporate Photographer, I cannot recommend her enough! She is such a talented photographer, I love what she has captured!" 
"The Pictures show off our best quality: collaboration and teamwork...Thanks again for being a brilliant partner to us." 


Choosing a location in Bracknell depends on whether you have offices there and what the offices are like. We discuss this and come up with a plan, sometimes we rent a space, sometimes we use a hotel or cafe, and sometimes existing office accommodation is perfect. The streets of Bracknell may also offer excellent backdrops to corporate photography.  
For remote working businesses wanting photography of their staff, Bracknell or Reading can be a convenient location to meet for a photo shoot. It may also be important to pinpoint the business to this location and so photographing in Bracknell or at locations around there will visually signpoint potential customers to the location. 
In this digital age we live in, businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors require photography for their marketing content. Whether it is headshots of the staff, PR photos for the directors or a wider set of photographs, every business needs up to date photos. Headshots are essential on websites and LinkedIn profiles so that peers and clients can see who they are dealing with.  
Corporate photography can involve a range of elements. Essentially at our consultation we would work out what the photos are needed for and how they will be used. This informs what we will produce and we plan the who, where and what of the shoot. 
Artist ~ Photographer ~ Storyteller 
To find out more about how I work and what to expect, download my Business Photography guide. 
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