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Commercial Photography 

I am often commissioned by business owners to capture their personalities and how they do business through a series of photographs to strengthen and enhance their branding. The businesses that I work with understand the power of images and that they can harness this to benefit their business whether it be through printed or on line mediums. My commercial photography includes corporate headshots, personal branding, website photography, social media and PR photography.  
With my background in fine art photography I am able to bring a huge amount of creativity to commercial work. Clients benefit from my experience and thought process behind creating beautiful fine art photographs, as I apply my processes to commercial photography. 

    Corporate headshots for your business 

People often ask me why do you need a corporate headshot? My answer to this is quite simple: first impressions count and you never get a second chance to make a good first impression! 
As a headshot photographer my key concern is portraying you in the best light…and I don’t mean literally! So I ask you to bring a selection of clothes. I will go through these with you and we chose a few different looks (maybe one more corporate and one more relaxed and something in between). This way you get to chose a variety of images that you can use across different platforms or can rotate around to freshen up your profiles over the coming months
Follow the link below for more examples of headshots. 

    Why professional photography makes a difference 

The idea is that you come across as you want to…whether it is professional, quirky, friendly or approachable…or maybe a mix of the lot! To get this out of you I coach you through the process and direct you on how to sit/hold yourself and even what to think about. I find this really helps my clients to relax as they don’t need to worry about feeling awkward or knowing how to pose. I take care of all of that. 
Once we have created your headshots the element that my clients find very useful is that I offer to go through them with you and help with the selection process. It is always difficult to look at pictures of yourself impartially and analyse them, so I add my experience to the mix and give feedback on what different photos ‘say’ about you. It might be as simple as a slight change in expression or tilt of the head that gives a totally different vibe to an image. 
Headshot photography prices start at £250 which would include a choice of three digital files, edited and ready to use 

   Personal Branding Photography 

One of the best things about being a personal branding photographer is getting to understand other businesses. I love chatting all things business and really want to get into your shoes so I can portray your enthusiasm and energy; who you are and what you stand for. In other words, your brand values. 
In order to create photographs that fit with your brand I ask lots of questions. These all centre around marketing and brand values. The pre shoot consultation that I do to glean this information will help me to start visualising how to tell the story of that business and to create images that underpin the brand. I bring an element of my fine art photography and the creative process involved in that to my branding shoots. In that way I can produce photos that make you stand out. 
The preparation for a personal branding photo shoot is a collaboration between us. Whether you make widgets or provide services, we talk about your target market, your USP and how you will use the images. All these things are important to getting your branding photography right. 

  What does a Personal Branding photography shoot include? 

Our photo shoot will include corporate head shots as a matter of course but they go much further than that. We may use a variety of locations to give different backdrops and context of different elements of your business. For example, we may have ‘desk based’ type photos as well as ‘out and about’ photos and I am always keen to include some form of personal touch. For example, a snippet of what you do in your spare time…whether that’s gardening, sky diving or knitting! This adds the personal element, because we mustn’t forget the old adage ‘people buy from people’ and bringing in the human touch helps this enormously as potential clients will be able to relate to you more readily. 
Photos from a personal branding shoot can be used on social media to tell your story and enhance connections. My clients often also use them on their websites, primarily on the ‘about me’ page which is one that can get lots of attention from potential clients checking out your site, as they want to know who they will be dealing with. They want to see if they would feel comfortable working with you. 
You aren’t limited to choosing a certain number of images that come out of our time together…so you will come away with an image bank that you can use across different platforms to engage with your audience. 
A branding shoot really is an investment in your business and usually costs between £695 -£1,250. 

  Professional Photography for your website  

With my background in Fine Art Photography, my approach to website photography is always to create visually interesting images that are often a bit surprising. I don’t ‘take photographs’ but create images that speak of my clients’ businesses. By getting inspired by your vision I tell the story of your business and bring it to life. 
I create photos for your website that help to make you stand out from your competitors. We are mainly very visual people and so when we look at a website it is the visuals that speak to us. That is the website photography and logo/colours, which all go towards making up the business brand. If the viewer connects with the visuals then they are more likely to stay on the site and even contact the business – that has been statistically proven! 
Again, the key for me to create successful images is to understand what you are about and what makes you different, so I always ask about your target audience, marketing strategy/plan and how the images will fit into that. Pre shoot consultation will include understanding about the business and the individuals or products involved, to get under the skin of it all and understand your aspirations for your business. 

  Tell your business story with professional photography  

When it comes to website photography, it may be that you need great team photographs that show who you are and get your personalities across, this is usually coupled with individual headshots and sometimes photographs of your working environment. You may sell products that you would like photographed in weird and wonderful places or ways… 
Equally, to tell your story it may be that we can get ‘behind the scenes’ to create a variety of images that will draw your potential client’s interest. This may be the process of how you work or if you physically make a product, your workshop or you at work. 
I always photograph on location and predominantly using natural light. Choice of clothes and location are important for website photography and we work together to get this right for you and your business. In order to get the right feel to the images, it may mean hiring a venue or using somewhere other than your usual place of work. We discuss this and generate ideas in order to come up with the best solution. I may also suggest we source props or ‘models’ (who may be clients, friends or hired models) if that will add something to our images. 
There is no limit on the number of images you can choose. It very much depends on the business/product as to the number we achieve – it may be 20 or it may be 120! 
I quote each job on the brief we develop, and my prices include all the pre consultation and planning as well as post production editing.  

  Professional photography for Social Media  

The majority of my clients are active on social media and this is where they regularly connect with past, current and potential customers/clients. They understand that it is so important to be present on the different platforms but often they don’t have the image bank to support a sustained social media campaign. 
By creating a series of consistent images where each one tells a story that can be articulated simply on social media, I am able to solve this problem for my clients. 
There needs to be a consistency in style and also in supporting the marketing plan and brand values, which is where my experience in producing social media photography for my clients comes in. 

  Business photography that connects with your target market  

As with website photography, it may be that we get behind the scenes to give the human touch to your business. We photograph the people and tell their story. If you provide a service or make a product we are looking to ensure your target market connects with the images. So we are portraying a lifestyle or a feeling within the images that is appropriate to the business. 
The output from our shoot will be a bank of edited images that you will be able to use for your social media campaigns. There is no limit on the number of images you can choose. Typically we might achieve 40-60 images on a social media shoot. 
Usually we spend half a day shooting for social media campaigns and so my prices start at £595, which includes all the pre consultation and planning as well as post production editing. 
My clients often combine a website and social media shoot. 

  PR Photography for your Business  

There is sometimes a very specific purpose to a commercial photography shoot, such as a particular PR exercise of the need to provide images for a particular article or publication. In these circumstances, the brief is important to understand and get right so that the images that I create fit the bill. There may be constraints in terms of size and shape of an image, or colour vs black and white and I can work to all the requirements. 
It may be an event that you would like to photograph to provide images that can be used in PR for future events or generally for promoting the business. Understanding the end use is something that I do so that I can get the right tone and feel to the PR photographs. 
Pricing will depend on the specific requirements so do get in touch to discuss. 
To find out more about how I work and what to expect, download my Business Photography guide  

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