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Commercial Photography 

Do you do just Corporate headshots? 

I am happy to do profile pictures for business people as I believe they are a really important aspect of presenting yourself in business. We would chat in advance and I usually suggest a variety of outfits ranging from the formal to the less formal to give several different looks and feel to the images, as I offer a minimum of three professional headshots from one session. These can then be used for different marketing platforms/materials. 

How do you create images that represent my business? 

I will talk to you in advance of our photo shoot to get a good feel for your vision, your products or services and who your target market is. Your USP is also something I want to understand. In this way I can really visualise what I am trying to achieve, photographically, and I can be my most creative on our photography shoot. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling widgets, an accountant or a massage therapist…..I will create a set of professional photos that speak of your business. 

What happens if I am ill and need to postpone the photo shoot? 

For ill health, I am very happy to re-arrange, as we all get sick from time to time. You will have paid the fee in advance and there is no penalty for sickness! However, should you wish to cancel outright there are penalties, depending on the timescale, and this is all set out before you commit to the commission. 

Can you do website photography for me? 

Yes, your website is a really important marketing tool and my clients see the value in commissioning me to create a set of professional images for their website and social media campaigns which really represent them. Potential clients seeing images on a website will react to them (even if subconsciously) before they read a single word and this is why they are so important. Photos trigger emotional responses which in turn trigger ‘purchasing’ decisions. 

What is personal branding photography?  

A brand goes further than logos and colours - it establishes who you are, what you do and ultimately tells your story. It is essential to communicate your WHO - WHAT - WHY, through stand out visuals. Inspiring photographs tell your audience what your brand values are, reveals your personality and connects with them. People buy from people and it is the know, like and trust factor that a personal branding photo shoot underpins. 

What does a personal branding photo shoot involve? 

Personal branding photography helps potential customers understand what you and your business are about simply by looking at the images on your website or social media platforms. I work with you to understand what drives you and gets you out of bed in the morning. Location and clothes are important to get right and we collaborate to create not just headshots, but a range of at work images and inspiring photos that tell your story. Find out more about how to prepare for a personal branding shoot  

 Family Portrait Photography  

When is the best time of year to commission a family photographer? 

It is often thought that the summer is best for family portrait photos, especially because I use natural light and work outdoors on location. However, as we all know, the weather is unpredictable all year round here so is never guaranteed! Having said that, I have rarely had to cancel a shoot due to the weather. More importantly, the light can be really beautiful in all the other seasons, and the colours in autumn and the sculptural qualities of the trees in winter all inspire me and combine to facilitate wonderful family portrait photos. 

Where should we have the photos taken? 

I will chat to you about this, but I think it’s lovely for the images to be created somewhere that has meaning for you, but it does depend a bit on the age of the children. For teeny weeny ones I usually suggest we stay around the home. When considering a location we always need to be aware that if it is a private place, even if it is open to the public, there may be restrictions on taking photographs and licence fees to be paid, so we need to discuss and organise this in advance. 

How much will the family photography shoot cost? 

I work on an ‘a la carte’ rather than a package basis, to give you full flexibility over what you would like to order, to suit your budget and your family. To give you a feel, my clients tend to spend £1,000 upwards. Do contact me to discuss your requirements and budget. 

When do you do family portrait shoots? 

For pre-schoolers, I can fit around your weekday schedule, and for older families I allocate Saturday mornings for my photography session, and of course the holidays. 

What area do you cover? 

I am based in Berkshire and predominantly work in the Home Counties of Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and Bucks. However, I do travel further afield and overseas – for this I charge travel and accommodation if required. 

Can we cancel after we book the family photography shoot? 

For my bespoke family portrait shoots you pay a deposit/fee to secure the date, and whilst I can re-arrange due to ill health or poor weather, outright cancellation does incur the full deposit. 

What happens if the weather is awful or we are ill? 

We can re arrange our photography session due to adverse weather conditions or poor health. 

What do we wear for the family photography shoot? 

Once we have a date and about a week before the shoot, we will have a conversation about clothes. The most important thing is for everyone to feel comfortable, and also for you as parents not to have to battle with the kids over whether they will wear their spiderman/princess outfits or not. So I take the stress out of it by asking you to look out a selection that I can go through when we meet and choose with you and the children. I usually encourage a couple of different outfits for different ‘looks’. 

How long will it take for the family photo shoot? 

For a bespoke family photo shoot I ask that you set aside a morning or an afternoon. I am usually with you for up to 2 hours, but we don’t want to feel rushed or constantly clock watching. Also, sometimes the children simply need to take a break and we need to go with the flow! 

How do we see the photos and choose what we like? 

The photos from our shoot will be available to view approximately two weeks afterwards, and we make a mutually convenient appointment for you to come to my home to view them. We go through the images together and you select your favourites. It works really well because I am on hand to advise you on different images and also on how best to present them. You can see all the samples of frames and albums which helps with the decision making process. 

Can I buy digital images? 

I am passionate about creating pieces of art that my clients will enjoy for many years to come, whenever they see them and that is why the majority of people come to me. They value having my photography on tier walls where they can connect to it every time they pass by, and seeing it gives them a special emotional feeling. I therefore offer a range of products from framed prints, to acrylics to feature fine art wall pieces, as well as albums that the family can curl up on the sofa and go through together.  

Fine Art Photography 

Are the fine art photos I can see on the website for sale as prints or framed? 

Yes, my fine art photographs are available to purchase. Please do get in touch to find out sizes, prices, etc. 

Do you undertake Commissions for your fine art photography? 

Yes, I accept commissions from private individuals who want art on their walls, either of a specific subject, a theme or a location, and also from businesses to have as inspiration on the office walls, the boardroom or even the cafeteria. 

How large can you produce these fine art photos? 

In terms of framed prints, there is a limit on how large a frame you can produce to support the glass size and weight, however, there are different products out there that can be produced large scale and may suit the commission so we would talk about this and generate ideas on the final form of presentation. 

What is your inspiration for fine art photography? 

Over the years I have undertaken many personal projects, and I am continually inspired by the world around me, especially the light and natural environment. Sometimes, it is people, like artists, who have caught my imagination and I seek them out to photograph a series, other times it is a theme, like decrepit buildings….or angels….To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what it is, this is all about creativity and stimulating that! 

How long would it take to complete a fine art commission? 

It rather depends on the commission as to how long it would take. There may be travel involved, which would need to be scheduled into my diary, or it may be that we need to wait for a particular season. However, once commissioned, we would agree a timescale. 

How does fine art photography fit with corporate photography? 

As I fine art photographer I continually flame the fires of my creativity and this feeds back into not only the images that I take in other areas of my work, such as corporate and family photography, but in my approach and thinking behind a photo shoot. 
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