The brief was to create images of the leadership team that held them up as heroes. 

Arkk has undergone a rebranding exercise and as part of that they needed images to support their new website. There was a great brief from the branding (Lidia Rumley) and design teams (Doug Benson), at the heart of which was that their staff were the heroes of the business. 

The photographs of key leadership personnel had to reflect their characters and roles. 

Their current website photos were bland and uninspiring. So, for each individual I chatted to understand their role and get a bit of an idea of their characters. I then found a different backdrop for each person in the area around their offices. This ranged from a graffiti wall to a green wall, to glass and steel to traditional stone. 
For the CEO I did an even wider range of images so that they could be used for PR purposes as well as the website. 

The outcome was individualised profile pictures for each person that reflected their role and their characters. 

Part of the brief was to take photos around the office to show them at work and the working environment, as well as documenting their whole firm morning meetings and presentations. 
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