Corporate Photography is simply an overarching expression. 

It includes headshots; website photos; event & PR photography; product, brochure and branding photography. It also encompasses bespoke commissioned photo art for boardroom walls or on brand messaging around the office. Some businesses need one element, some need the whole range and their requirements will shape the shoot. 
Not sure what you actually need? Because the term means different things to different people, I have a consultative approach. So when I get contacted for a corporate photography quote, I always pick up the phone. I find it best to have a conversation about what the photos are to be used for, to explore a bit about the business or the person to ensure that I can provide the best output for them. 
personal branding photography

Headshots or a Personal Branding Shoot? 

A simple headshot session is definitely appropriate for some business people or for larger organisations where they want quality, consistent images for their staff. This may be for a range of uses from website, to internal comms to professional LinkedIn profiles. However, some businesses contact me because they know they need headshots, but when we have that conversation it becomes apparent to them that actually they would benefit from investing a little more time, effort and money now to have a branding photo shoot.  
This may be because they are also often asked for PR type photos for events or talks or to put on brochures promoting themselves or the business. So a wider set of images than pure headshots would be beneficial. If this is the case, often they also use social media to communicate with their colleagues in their industry and so some messaging photos are appropriate. A rebrand or launch of a new website might also prompt this type of shoot. 

Website and brochure photography often go hand in hand. 

If a business has a requirement for website photography, we meticulously plan what we are going to do. This includes the best location for the shoot, which may involve around the office, multiple meeting rooms or hiring a venue, as well as using the great outdoors (be it countryside or town or both). We consider what products are being shown, and this may need a lot of co ordination if a few ranges are on offer. The next question is who will be in the photos, what will they wear and what props are needed? 
So you see there is much to consider, and I guide my clients through this process during our pre shoot consultation meeting. By understanding my clients target market and how they work/what they are trying to communicate with the images I can create a vision for the photography. We get an image bank that can be used across websites, social media and in brochures, whether in print or on line.  
And sometimes a business wants to commission a photographer to create a set of images that can be framed or printed in weird and wonderful ways to adorn their reception areas, corridors and board rooms. The brief can be specific to reinforce their brand, or can be open for creative interpretation...whichever, this is a really fun process! 
My consultative approach to corporate photography ensures we book the right type of photo shoot for your business. 

Lovely things said about me 

"Jo is an amazing Corporate Photographer, I cannot recommend her enough! She is such a talented photographer, I love what she has captured!" 
"The Pictures show off our best quality: collaboration and teamwork...Thanks again for being a brilliant parter to us." 


I will talk to you in advance of our photo shoot to get a good feel for your vision, your products or services and who your target market is. Your USP is also something I want to understand. In this way I can really visualise what I am trying to achieve, photographically, and I can be my most creative on our photography shoot. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling widgets, an accountant or a massage therapist…..I will create a set of professional photos that speak of your business. 
For ill health, I am very happy to re-arrange, as we all get sick from time to time. You will have paid the fee in advance and there is no penalty for sickness! However, should you wish to cancel outright there are penalties, depending on the timescale, and this is all set out before you commit to the commission. 
Corporate photography covers the basics like headshots. However, it is a catch all term that can mean photography for websites or photos for a social media campaign. Equally, your business may need an image bank for brochures that go to clients that communicate what you do or the products you offer and you will need photography that connects with your target market. 
Corporate photography can involve a range of elements. Essentially at our consultation we would work out what the photos are needed for and how they will be used. This informs what we will produce and we plan the who, where and what of the shoot. 
Artist ~ Photographer ~ Storyteller 
To find out more about how I work and what to expect, download my Business Photography guide. 
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