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I'm Jo Scott, a natural light and location specialist photographer, working with those seeking images with connection, beauty and clarity for families, businesses or personal use. Images that communicate who you are, what you do and what you want to say. With an artistic flair at Jo Scott Images I make any shoot an enjoyable experience and provide a visual legacy for my clients. 
Being Original 
As a location photographer, the images I capture are always unique. Each person, product, location and even natural light conveys meaning and essence unlike any other images. I draw out the incomparable connection, personality and principles that matter to my clients. 
Being Knowledgeable 
For each commission I draw on my depth of experience and diversity of my portfolio to create compelling images that delight and surprise. I'm adaptive to changing styles and techniques to maintain my high standards and love of photography. 
Being Elegant 
I see beauty in everything, noticing small details that are often overlooked or ignored. My images are an expression of what I see. The feel good that only a photograph can capture. I see beyond what's in front of me and shoot spirit and soul. 
Being Honest 
I go out of the way to put my clients at ease; preparing in advance and giving direction where it's neeeded. I want you to enjoy the experience and feel comfortable, relaxed and natural. You'll walk away never feeling camera shy again. 

About me  

Moments are fleeting. Life is about the people you meet and the things you create together. 
Our children grow quickly. My two boys have gone from tiny toddlers splashing bare-bottomed in the surf, to moody would-be teens, in what seems like the blink of an eye. Capturing the essence of them along the journey has been a joy and I am passionate about doing the same for my clients. 
It is the individuality, the beautiful light, the atmospheric buildings and the form of the natural environment that inspire me. Connecting with people is essential and each shoot I get to know my clients and start to visualise what I want to create and how I’m going to achieve that vision. Words, drawings and images are the tools I use from my ‘creative kitbag!’ I very much feel that I am an artist and that the medium I use is photography. 
Every shoot is different. Everyone is individual – light changes (often rapidly) and each location has its unique qualities…It’s a blend of people skills, photographic vision and experience behind the camera that comes together for me to work that magic of photography. 

My love of photography  

There is much more to being a professional photographer than technical knowledge. I am passionate about connecting with the people I photograph, to create something for them that is current yet timeless. With each commission I have a vision of what I want to achieve and the camera is simply my tool for creating that vision. 
My love of photography was fuelled when I went travelling almost 20 years ago – taking my first ‘proper’ camera with me, I obsessed with understanding how it worked and practiced my craft in the amazing surroundings I found myself in. Even now, when I see them on the walls in our home I am transported back to the moment I pressed the shutter. To the delicate tones of the Nepalese mountains at dawn, to the brilliant colours of the American National Parks and the characterful people met along the way…And I still delight in the magic of photography. The other things in life I love are having fun with my two boys, walking with our dog Monte, and biscuits with my afternoon tea! 
I am also very proud to be a Fellow at the British Institute of Professional Photographers, where I am part of the team called upon to assess qualifications and judge annual photography awards. 

Family Portrait Photography  

In advance of any booking I will always take the time to chat about what it is that you are wanting from a family photo shoot and to make sure that I am the right photographer for you. This is as much about style of photography as it is about the end product. I am passionate about families seeing their photographs on a daily basis on their walls or enjoying looking through an album whilst cuddled on the sofa, rather than having a set of digital files on their computer that they never look at. 
Families seek me out because of my creative style of fine art photography, because of the emotions that are captured in a photograph, and because they value photography as art. Most of my clients want timelessly framed prints for their walls, or a beautiful album to hold the memories we have created. 
For my bespoke family shoots, you pay a deposit/fee to secure the date. Once you have commissioned me, one of the first things we discuss is where we take the photos which is very important. In fact, it is as much about the location as anything else – we think about where the family has a connection with, as you will be transported back there whenever you look at the images. It may be your home, a local park, the bluebell woods, a destination that you all love or your second home…it really doesn’t matter so long as you have a connection with it. 
When we are together for the shoot, it’s all about being relaxed and enjoying it. I don’t work to a set formula, but get inspired by the family, the location and the light. I usually suggest a change of clothing so that we can get different looks and feels to the images, and I ensure we get a variety of photographs (individual, sibling, family etc) so that I can give you plenty of choice at the viewing. 
A few weeks afterwards we will go through the images we have created, and I can help you choose your favourites and advise on how best to present them. 
family photography shoot in windsor
Family photography in windsor location
professional brand photography in windsor

Commercial Photography  

When I work with businesses, no matter whether they are established or emerging, I always want to hear about their vision, their marketplace and their USP. This helps me to visualise how I’m going to help them create a set of images that will portray what they want to say about their business and to engage the clients they want to engage with. 
If I’ve been commissioned to create a set of profile pictures, most often you will come to my location, where I can use the natural light and different locations around the building to achieve the results we are after. I ask that you bring a variety of clothes (which we talk through in advance), so that you can ‘change up’ your images from time to time on the different web platforms to generate interest. 
Team photos require a little more thought in terms of location that suits the business, but again we discuss this and generate ideas until we come up with what will work. 
In order to tell the story of a business for their website, I spend time understanding the business and creating a vision that I can put into pictures, collaborating with you the business owner or manager. I love helping businesses in this way as it is exciting and the results have huge impact for the business. I have worked with accountants, lawyers, massage therapists, electricians, kitchen and bathroom installers, schools and many more. So you can see that sometimes I have to be really creative! 
For businesses I always provide digital files in a format that you can use for both web and printed material. 

  Fine Art Photography  

Much of my fine art photography is uncommissioned, but is available to purchase as fine art prints, either framed or unframed. 
However, some clients do want bespoke fine art for their walls and each commission is very unique. I meet with you to discuss the brief – it may be a particular wall that you’d like something for, or it may be that you have a particular thing or place that you want photographed and we decide what to do with the images once I’ve created them. The main thing here is that I respond to your brief and the commission is totally bespoke, from the images that I create to the way we decide to present them. 
Professional photo of Jaguar wheel
professional photo of a classic car
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