Visually interesting images for websites that are a bit surprising. 

I don’t ‘take photographs’ but create images that speak of my clients’ businesses. By getting inspired by your vision I tell the story of your business and bring it to life, whether you are a professional service, a SAAS business, or make widgets! There may be elements of personal branding and it will always involve headshots

I find the best location and predominantly use natural light. 

Choice of clothes and location are important for website photography involving people, and we work together to get this right for you and your business. In order to get the right feel to the images, it may mean hiring a venue or using somewhere other than your usual place of work. We discuss this and generate ideas in order to come up with the best solution. I sometimes suggest we source props or ‘models’ (who may be clients, friends or hired models) if that will add something to our images. 

Helping you to stand out against the crowd. 

It may be that you need great team photographs that show who you are and get your personalities across, this is usually coupled with individual headshots and sometimes photographs of your working environment. You may sell products that you would like photographed in weird and wonderful places or ways. 
Equally, to tell your story it may be that we can get ‘behind the scenes’ to create a variety of images that will draw your potential client’s interest. This may be the process of how you work or if you physically make a product, your workshop or you at work. 
Our pre shoot consultation is really important as this is where we collaborate, generate ideas and plan our shoot. 

Lovely things said about me 

“Jo is great to work with and a force to be reckoned with. Jo asked all the right questions to make sure she understood our business needs, values and personality.” 
"Our team was really pleased with the final product but above all the client was thrilled with them. I would highly recommend Jo!" 


I will talk to you in advance of our photo shoot to get a good feel for your vision, your products or services and who your target market is. Your USP is also something I want to understand. In this way I can really visualise what I am trying to achieve, photographically, and I can be my most creative on our photography shoot. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling widgets, an accountant or a massage therapist…..I will create a set of professional photos that speak of your business. 
For ill health, I am very happy to re-arrange, as we all get sick from time to time. You will have paid the fee in advance and there is no penalty for sickness! However, should you wish to cancel outright there are penalties, depending on the timescale, and this is all set out before you commit to the commission. 
Yes, your website is a really important marketing tool and my clients see the value in commissioning me to create a set of professional images for their website and social media campaigns which really represent them. Potential clients seeing images on a website will react to them (even if subconsciously) before they read a single word and this is why they are so important. Photos trigger emotional responses which in turn trigger ‘purchasing’ decisions. 
A brand goes further than logos and colours - it establishes who you are, what you do and ultimately tells your story. It is essential to communicate your WHO - WHAT - WHY, through stand out visuals. Inspiring photographs tell your audience what your brand values are, reveals your personality and connects with them. People buy from people and it is the know, like and trust factor that a personal branding photo shoot underpins. 
To find out more about how I work and what to expect, download my Business Photography guide. 
Artist ~ Photographer ~ Storyteller 
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