Niche marketing agencies get their personalities across with photographs, 

whether that is on their website or across their social media. We all need to practice what we preach and create a decent set of images that can be used as marketing collateral for ourselves. Sharper B2B knew they were at a point of growth so decided to invest the time and money in commissioning photography that expressed the individuals and the team personality, which they could use to showcase the team and connect with their target market. 

The key was to create energetic, visually interesting photographs. 

The pre shoot planning meeting was essential as during this we identified locations and themes for the day of photography. It involved three buildings – office space, an art gallery and a pub – as well as external locations around Reading for headshots with interesting backdrops. Variety was important and whilst we had agreed and sorted the internal locations, on the day I scouted around to find the perfect locations in terms of light and background for the individual shots.  

Team personality was a big part 

of what these guys wanted to portray so I ensured that not only were individual characters brought out through my interaction with them when taking the images, but group photos were constructed in interesting environments and with energy oozing out of them. As with all people based businesses, it is all about creating a connection with the viewer so that they will go to the next step, whether that be using the contact form on a website, interacting with a social media post or simply picking up the phone to find out how they can work together. 
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