Sole practitioners need photos of themselves 

so that their potential clients know who they are dealing with, so branding photography for Architect Louise Palomba was essential when she set up her Surrey based business, Loup. This was the first shoot we did, which enabled her to set up her profiles on LinkedIn and on her website. The session resulted in her having a variety of images that she could use for PR, her about me pages and also rotate them around periodically to keep interest up on line. 

Building up an images bank of completed projects 

was achieved by having a working relationship with me as her photographer. After an initial briefing of what a project involves, I can create photos that showcase the elements of the project that are key to communicate visually. That may be the retention of specific features in a period property that needed total remodelling, or it could be the creation of a simplified spacious kitchen and living space, or connecting spaces with new openings. Light in these areas is also important so showing through photographs how the design brings in light to deep areas was sometimes key. 

The benefit of a sustained working relationship 

is that they can showcase different styles of buildings and types of projects that Loup get involved with. Consistently documenting projects which can be put on a website to promote Loup’s work means that someone looking for an architect can immediately see that they work with the type of building or the type of refurbishment/extension/remodelling that clients need doing and feel more confident contacting Loup. 
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