Photographs to showcase a business and their people. 

When you know you have a special business with great people and want to splash that across your website and social media without actually shouting about it…use photography. That’s the conclusion that business founder Karen Young came to when redoing her website. 
Headshots and PR images of the founder were essential, and we planned the clothes for this as well as talking about the end use so we got the ‘feel’ right with the images. 

For team shots the brief was to show the personality, 

energy and communication within the business. We discussed location and they were having a team meeting at a great location in Surrey where I had done photography before. I knew it had a variety of rooms and outside spaces where we could get a great range of photographs, which is what they needed. 
For the whole team photos I moved the outdoor sofas into the lawn area and arranged them all on and around it. We had to mix it up a few times and had a fun time which resulted in some great images, photos that really show the team personality. We captured some breakout team meetings as well and, as ever, no one was keen on having their photo taken, but with a bit of direction and chatter from me it all went smoothly with some great results. 

Creative photography of working practices  

They were having a working lunch, which they do regularly to bring everyone together (they are mainly remote workers), so I also took the opportunity to do some creative photos of this, which will serve as social media photos but also as good images to use for recruitment. It’s quite a technical area they work in but they also need to have a very human touch as their ethos is to ensure good communication ensuring they are providing value to their clients. This requires a certain type of person they are keen to attract and retain. 
Obviously we had to carve some time out of their day to do the photography so I was careful to work swiftly and to minimise disruption to their precious time together. I spent enough time with them to get under the skin of the personalities and to capture the essence of who is in the business…which is vital when the business is all about the people in it! 
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