When a business is multifaceted planning for their lifestyle product shoot is imperative. 

This was a really interesting road of discovery. My client kept bees, sold honey locally and had been offering experience days at the apiary (bee keeping and candle making). The promotion of this was all word of mouth and local. 
She approached me because she had started making bees wax wraps (before they became as widespread as they are now) and wanted to sell them via a website. She knew photography was key to the success of this but didn't know where to start. As we discussed the wrap collection and use, my creative ideas leading to a detailed plan (food and props) for each wrap. 
But there was more to the business... 

Probing conversations led to the realisation 

that lifestyle photography of the apiary, honey and the experience days would also be hugely beneficial for the marketing of these arms of the business. We therefore planned for these to be set up to be photographed, with 'models' simulating the workshops they offer. 
These photos were designed to visually demonstrate either the product or the experience, to get prospective purchasers excited about participating.  

New collections of products require more lifestyle shoots 

As new collections were developed, new lifestyle phroduct photographs needed to be taken. Not only for the website but for social media. This time I created photographic 'sets' for each collection using different locations, props and food, as they had individual personalities. The idea being that the scene evoked feelings in the target market for the particular design, which had been envisaged by the client when she chose the fabrics and named the collections. 
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