Product photographs to launch a luxury brand. 

Sometimes a product photography brief evolves and it's my job to interpret the shifting sands and be nimble in my role. This happened with Lachesis: Our initial meetings established the purpose of the branding shoot was to create personal brand images of the founder, to promote her to potential creative partners and designers as well as introducing her to the press through PR. However, I coud see that she needed some strategic direction in terms of marketing so I introduced her to PP8 Marketing to get some pointers. It turned out to be the best thing because they made a number of suggestions which Lachesis ran with. This included taking a stand at the prestigious Spirit of Christmas Fair, and subsequently we needed images of the products quickly! 
I was able to develop the brief so that on the day of our shoot I could incorporate images of the products as well.  

In Greek Mythology Lachesis is the goddess in charge of destiny.  

We definitely took charge of our destiny on that shoot and created a huge range of photos. As a founder of this early stage start up, my client has to be many things to many people and my role was to capture photographs that expressed all this. Business woman, creative, mother...and in this instance, model as we didn't have the time to engage anyone else! 

Lifestyle photographs that can be used for different purposes 

So these photos of the product and the founder will be used on the website, they will be used to reach out to the press (one I turned around that very day to go with an article that was going to press that afternoon!), some will be printed to be framed on the stand at the Spirit of Christmas Fair and also on the marketing material for that. 
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