What photography do businesses in Maidenhead need? 

I often get commissioned to create photographs for businesses based in and around Maidenhead..but what is corporate photography? Most businesses require photos for their marketing and PR. This isn't just headshots but includes photos for websites; event & PR photography; product, brochure, and branding photography. However, I am also asked to do bespoke commissioned photo art for boardroom walls or on brand messaging around the office. Some businesses need one element, some need the whole range and their requirements will shape the shoot. 
I aks lots of questions before accepting a commission so that I can ensure we are doing the right photography for the business as there is no one size fits all!  

Location for Headshots and Personal Branding Photography in Maidenhead. 

For business people living near to Maidenhead I would do headshots in my usual locations of either Windsor or London. However, for personal branding photography in Maidenhead we would chat about the most appropriate location. This might be your offices or a hotel or cafe where you might meet clients. There are occasions where we would hire a venue to get the right room or to generate the environment that best suits the business brand. 
For businesses with a number of staff in Maidenhead, I can go to the office. A simple headshot session is definitely appropriate for some business people or for larger organisations where they want quality, consistent images for their staff.  
The location doesn't have to be in Maidenhead itself if there is an alternative lcoation nearby. The great outdoors often yields great results for the right business too! 

Website and brochure photography in Maidenhead. 

Planning a photo shoot is key to its success, so for website photography I always have a pre shoot planning meeting. During this we consider where to take the photos (Maidnehead or Windsor or another location relevant to the business) and generate ideas on what we are going to do. We also discuss who will be in the photos, the clothes that will be worn and other essential elements.  
Questions that I ask the client inform our decision making, so I get to understand the target market and messages that we need to communicate through the photos. In this way I begin to develop a vision of what I am going to create and the resulting image bank can be used across websites, social media and in brochures.  
Forward thinking businesses commission photo art of Maidenhead and the surrounding area for their premises which has the beneficial effect of reinforcing their brand to visiting clients and enhancing the well being of staff by an attractive working environment. 
My consultative approach to corporate photography ensures we get the right images for your Maidenhead business. 

Lovely things said about me 

"Jo took care of our branding shoot and the results were exceptional. She delivered high quality, professional and creative corporate photos" 
"If you need to stand out, and more importantly need images that reflect you and what you do to your target audience, I highly recommend contacting Jo." 


Choosing a location in Maidenhead depends on whether you have offices there and what they are like. It may be that you work from home and meet clients in a particular hotel or cafe, or you may have groovy offices where photos would look great. We discuss this and come up with a plan, sometimes we rent a space, sometimes we use a hotel or cafe, and sometimes existing office accommodation is perfect. The streets of Maidenhead or teh surrounding area can offer excellent backdrops to corporate photography.  
If you are a local business and want to pin point your location, using local landmarks can be ideal. 
Businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors require photography for their marketing content. Whether it is headshots of the staff, PR photos for the directors or a wider set of photographs, every business needs up to date photos. Corporate photography is a catch all term that can mean photography for websites or photos for a social media campaign. Equally, businesses based in Maidenhead may need an image bank for brochures that go to clients that communicate what you do or the products you offer and you will need photography that connects with your target market. 
Corporate photography can involve a range of elements. Essentially at our consultation we would work out what the photos are needed for and how they will be used, as well as the location in and around Maidenhead. This informs what we will produce and we plan the who, where and what of the shoot. 
Artist ~ Photographer ~ Storyteller 
To find out more about how I work and what to expect, download my Business Photography guide. 
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