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You only get one chance to make a first impression - make it the best is can be with a professional profile picture / head shot. 

First Impressions Count - having a professional head shot image is crucial 

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Professional headshots are crucial to your brand - a selfie or holiday snap just won't do! Think about how any photographs you use in a business capacity impact on your brand. 
In this digital, on line age we live and work in, the fist time a potential client will come across you is likely to be on line, whether it be your website or your social media. That is why it is so important to get the imagery right and make it the best it can be. 
I ask you how do you want to be seen? Professional yet approachable? Friendly and fun? Creative but reliable?  
I coach you through the process and together we create images you'll love and be proud of. 

What to wear for your professional profile pictures? 

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I always suggest bringing a few changes of clothes to the shoot, for several reasons. 
Firstly, what we think suits us and we wear frequently, often doesn't translate into great photography. It is only when we see it as a photograph that we can make the judgement as to whether it is right for your profile picture. Equally it is good to have a selection of styles for the same reason. 
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Secondly, we take a variety of photographs and it is good to have a few different 'looks' in your quiver for different purposes.  
For example, your 'about me' on the website may show more of your personality and your LinkedIn profile picture may be a bit more formal. Something for printed promotional material may be different again, maybe in a different context.  
Accountants profile picture
And at the end of the day, you can rotate these all around so that your image is kept fresh and 'updated' which both social media platforms and Google like. 
Take a look at my Frequently Asked Questions to gain more insight into getting your profile pictures and website photography working for you: 

What is included in a Head Shot Photography Session? 

We have a telephone consultation in advance of the shoot to discuss what you are hoping to achieve from the shoot and to discuss clothes and location. 
On the day itself, I advise on wardrobe selection and during the shoot give coaching and direction to get the best out of you and achieve the different looks we are seeking. 
Usually I am able to offer instant review of images and advise on the selection. I am told by clients that this is a highly valued part of my service, as people are often unable to read an image of themselves and I can offer impartial advice and help to select for different uses. 
Finally, my usual profile picture package provides for a choice of three final edited high resolution images, with a licence for business use (printed and on line). 
To find out more get in touch: 
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