Powerful photographs of a business help to show the individuality of the people in the company and underpin brand values, ultimately increasing the know, like and trust factor. 
Businesses know that great photographs make a big contribution to their marketing efforts. For tangible products such as cups of coffee and cakes in a cafe it is easier to understand and produce powerful images that align with the brand. On the other hand, for service providers, the business ‘is you’, so it is more difficult to portray the essence of what you stand for and are about. As a corporate photographer I believe it is more important to get it right, as this is how we connect with our audience in the first instance. 

Why we need powerful photos 

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and because the first time most of our potential clients 'see' us in on line these days, our photographs are hugely important. 
This goes for your social media profiles, such as business Facebook page head shot, Instagram and LinkedIn profile pictures, as well as your website photography. 
Most people remember a high percentage of images that they see, but remember a low percentage of words that they read.  
If that isn't enough to convince you, statistically posts on social media with a photograph get something like 650% higher engagement than those without! 

What do your photos say? 

As a professional photographer, I believe that strong imagery and clearly portray messages. So my question is always, how do you want to come across?  
What impression do you want to give through your corporate headshots? Are you professional yet approachable; quirky and creative; or a mixture of these things? 
Because people buy from people, it is important to build the story of you, your business and your brand values through photos that your target audience can relate to. 
A personal brand photo shoot gets under the skin of who you are and what gets you out of bed in the morning and can show your passion and enthusiasm. 

How does branding fit into photography? 

Most businesses undertake some form of marketing. My question is always, what is your marketing strategy...who is your target audience and how are you reaching them? Ultimately, what is your message...and this often comes back to brand values. Can you articulate them? 
Without the answer to these questions, it is difficult to create images that will work as part of the business marketing plan. Any photos used for social media campaigns need to be capable of getting a message across clearly and quickly by someone glancing at it. Branding photography also needs to have a feel that is consistent with the businesses brand. That may be as simple as colour/tone, or as deep as portraying the philosophies of the business through materials and location.  
A longer version of this blog, with more of a slant to the theme for International Women's Day 2020 of challenging perceptions and stereotypes can be found on the Attract Readers website where I was a guest blogger. And if you are considering using me as your personal brand photographer but want to find out more, read my top tips for preparing for your branding photo shoot, and if you are unsure about professional photography, take a look at 5 reasons why every business needs professional photos
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